What's your story? (MS002)

Editors will demonstrate practical writing techniques
If you have a story to tell and want to get it publicized, this is the writing workshop you should attend.
  • Because it is inexpensive: RM 280 and HRDF claimable
  • You will practically learn how to news angle a story 
  • Editors will demonstrate on the screen the process of writing
  • You will be enlightened on how to write effective news stories
  • Your company press releases will be improved by editors
Krishna worked as full time journalist with the Malaysian press for 30 years. As an investigative reporter, Krishna highlighted society’s concerns and has gone undercover as a beggar, security guard, blind man, handicapped, salesman, Member of Parliament and an executive catching taxi touts at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. He has had the highest number of front page breaking news articles in The Star. In addition to being a trainer, he currently freelances as a fixer/coordinator for CNN, BBC, German, Australian TV networks, and TIME magazine. M. Krishnamoorthy

Media Relations expert and Certified Professional Trainer

Indhran Marnickavasagar helps his clients develop provocative, distinctive, and credible content to enhance their reputation as innovators, trusted advisors, and global thought leaders. Over the years, Indhran has enhance brands such as HSBC, Frost & Sullivan, Oxford University, GEMS Education, Electrolux and AstraZeneca helping them deliver a compelling story to decision makers and influencers across key ecosystems.

He builds messaging frameworks and uses influence to ensure a brand’s point of view is reinforced across customer touch points at the right time and through the right channel helping improve lead generation, strengthen content marketing, and sales cycle duration, delivering significantly greater earned media rankings , social media shares, report downloads, viewer ship and mindshare on top digital media platforms.

He is also the founder of Sunshine, a specialist reputation management company with offices in Sydney, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.



Indhran Marnickavasagar

Master Business Storyteller and Expert in running social media campaigns

Course Goals



Get experience in writing press releases that is newsworthy.


Understand how to write for your target audience.


Deliver a sharp story angle that will interest the public

25 Nov 2017

1 day, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

RM 280 (exclusive of GST)
Student Rate
RM 150 (exclusive of GST)


Any individual who deals with the media – CEOs, Heads of Departments, Corporate Communications and Public Relations officials, organisation spokespersons, Human Resources leaders and those who deal with the media on behalf of their respective organisations.

Course Activities

Activities crafted suitable for the course.


Short Interactive Lectures

Group & Individual Discussions / Presentations / Role Plays

Practice sessions in facing the media in various situations

Self-Discovery Activities

Intelligent Adult Games

Short Video Clips



Course Contents

Gain professional insight from media expert M. Krishnamoorthy, who brings decades of media experience in various roles, under his belt.

Think like a Reporter/Editor

  • Ensure the first paragraph is succinct and excites the reader.
  • Deal with the Facts
  • Avoid excessive use of adjectives and fancy language

Developing skills in getting Free Publicity

  • Get Experience in writing newsworthy Press Releases.
  • Understand your target audience.
  • Learn how the media will relate to your press release and use it.
  • Separate real company news from promotional fluff.
  • Deliver a sharp story angle professionally

Press Releases that get publicised

  • An art that can be mastered through coaching, guidance and training.
  • Editors and reporters are always looking for news to fill up their pages.
  • It all depends on how the story is pitched.

Advanced Media Interview Handling

  • Handling media questions in general
  • Handling tricky questions
  • Handling the hostile media representative
  • Handling off-the-cuff responses

Practical/ Mock Session

  • Content: Saying what needs to be said
  • Delivery: Saying it well, and with assurance
  • Control: Saying all that is needed, but no more

Special Focus

  • Secret to getting publicity
  • Inverted Pyramid of Writing (Who, what, when, where, why and how)
  • Press Release Analysis
  • 7 Sins of Press Release Writing

Flying Through Crisis, MH370: Lessons in Crisis Communications

Flying Through Crisis: MH370 Lessons In Crisis Communications, examines memorable moments on how Malaysian officials fared in managing the media, rightly or wrongly, and explains how to prepare and perform professionally in managing the media.

According to authors M. Krishnamoorthy and Dr David Kirkham, many Malaysian officials were caught by surprise when the MH370 incident happened last year, and as a result, made many mistakes when initially dealing with the crisis. While they improved dramatically as time went on, the initial mistakes were difficult to recover from, the authors said.

Attendees will also be given a FREE COPY of M. Krishnamoorthy’s book “Flying Through Crisis, MH370: Lessons in Crisis Communications” (Regular retail price RM 45.00)

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