Malaysiakini moved into our own building @Kini in 2014, and we’re pretty proud of it. It’s a cosy and comfortable space, with a great vibe.

We liked it so much, we started thinking of ways the space can be used during nights and weekends.

After a while, we thought to ourselves:

“What better use than education?”

And so was born Campuskini!

Campuskini hopes to be a hub connecting those with cool things to teach and those who want to learn cool things. We are also a platform for corporate trainings, skills workshops and more.

Teachers / Trainers

You decide what you want to teach, how you want to teach it, and how much you’d like to charge. We agree on terms, put your course information on our website, and offer you classroom facilities at our building @Kini.


You sign up »You show up »Education happens

A non-exhaustive list of possible course subjects include:



Graphic Design






Critical Thinking







School Subjects


We believe in lifelong learning, and our classes are open to both teachers and students of every age and background imaginable.

Please feel free to look around our website, see if anything interests you, and sign up!

The Team

Prem is the CEO and co-founder of Malaysiakini. He believes in finding practical ways to achieve one’s ideals. He sometimes wonders how he got into this, but then he remembers the pre-Internet media and is glad that he did.


Chief Executive Officer

Adam Rozairi is where the buck stops for Campuskini. Please feel free to send by any queries or concerns directly to him at adam at malaysiakini dot com. he hopes you have a great experience here!


Campuskini Coordinator

Aliff is a young web designer who joined us a year after finishing his studies. His multi-faceted skills bring to Malaysiakini a certain flair and a breath of fresh air.


Website designer

Working for SEACeM, a Malaysiakini initiative providing consultancy to other independent media companies


Programme Coordinator